Church Mice, 2011

Winter Wonderland Mice
Winter Wonderland Mice

And a snow globe always reminds us of winter!

Christmas Ladies
And mice ladies of Christmas

Ladies in winter finery
And mice ladies in their winter finest!

Morning Mice Ladies
And mice ladies who just got up...

Irish ladies
St. Patrick's Day is not far away!

Easter Mice Ladies
And Easter isn't too far away, either!

Artist Mouse
Some mice are artists...

Nurse Mice
...and some are nurses!

Domestic Mouse Ladies
And these mouse ladies have housework to do!

Patriotic Group of Mice
A Patriotic Grouping of Mice.

Trombonist Mouse
...I think he plays trombone in the Kapital Kicks.

Gossiping Mouse Ladies
"And can you guess what she said then?"

Various Mouse Ladies
Church Mouse ladies have many things to do!

Acolyte Mice
A couple of young acolyte mice.

Aloha Mouse
Who wants a Winter Wonderland? Let's go to Hawaii!


Mouse Lady with crutch
Sometimes Church Mice Ladies have accidents!

MU Fan
But all of Calvary's Church Mice are rabid MU fans!

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