Church Mice, 2013

Mice Ladies
It's Christmas! Time for Mice Ladies to get ready!

Mouse by Ellen McKenzie

This Ballerina Mouse Lady is preparing for the Christmas Nutcracker Ballet!

Fancy Dress Mouse Lady
This Church Mouse Lady is all dressed up for a Christmas Party...

Blanky Baby Mouse
...leaving her lonely Church Mouse Blanky Baby at home with a sitter???

Doily Angel Mouse
No doubt this Doily Angel Mouse will keep watch over the Blanky Baby Mouse!

Flapper Mouse Lady
Perhaps this Flapper Mouse Lady is going to the same party!

Mouse Lady with Tea Set
Now, here's a very elegant Church Mouse Lady making ready for a tea party!

Boy Scout Mouse
Here's a Boy Scout Church Mouse hiking on the trail!

Harried Mouse
This Mouse Lady seems a bit harried, trying to get ready for Christmas!

Minister Mouse
No doubt the Church Mouse Minister is thinking of his Christmas sermon!

Processional Mouse
Photo by courtesy of Nancy Griggs

And here is the Church Mouse Gospel Procession!

Quilting Mouse Lady
Can this mouse lady have her quilt ready for Christmas???

St. Francis in Church
Here's Saint Francis in church, no doubt for the Blessing of the Animals...

St. Francis outside
...and some more St. Francises outside with the critters!

Skateboarding Mice
A couple of skate boarding Church Mice!

Mouse Lady with Stroller
Here's a Church Mouse Lady with her baby in a stroller!

Tourist Church Mouse
And after the exhaustion of Christmas, this Church Mouse Lady is ready for a vacation!

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