Church Mice, 2012

Decorating Mice
Some mice ladies are good at Christmas decorations. Others...

Mice ladies always go Christmas Caroling!

Acolyte and Drummer Boy
Indispensable to Christmas: Acolytes and Drummer Boys!

Domestic Church Mice
Here we have two very domestic Mice Ladies!

Morning Mice Ladies
And mice ladies who just got up...

Quilting Mice Lady
Church Mice Ladies do quilting, too!

Mouse Lady with Tea Set
Now, here's a very elegant Church Mouse Lady!

Artist Mouse
Some mice are artists...

Pom-pom Mouse Girl
...and some are Mizzou Golden Girls!

Christmas Church Mice Ladies
And these mouse ladies are getting ready for Christmas!

Mouse Lady with prayer book
"...starts on page 355 of the red Book of Common Prayer..."

Reading the Gospel
Reading the Gospel.

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