Church Mice, 2014

A big thank-you goes to my Bridge Club pals for their encouragement
and their flying needles as they helped create the mouse crop this year!


Mice Ladies
It's Christmas! Time for candy canes!


These mouse ladies are practicing Christmas Carols!

This Church Mouse Lady is making cookies for Christmas...

...and here they are!

Decorating tree
A Christmas tree is being decorated!

another tree
The decorating idea is catching on!

Oh, dear!
Umm... Sometimes decorating doesn't go well...

Mouse lady with flowers
Here's a mouse lady with flowers from the hot house.

Love and Joy
It's what the season is all about!

Mail run
Quick! To the Post Office!

Snow Lady mouse

How does she keep the snow flakes from melting???

Tea Time Lady
With all this rushing about, a tea break would be nice...

Three Elegant Ladies
Here are three elegant Mouse Ladies...

Three green Mouse Ladies
...and three in green! Must be time for a party!

Two Lady Mice
A couple of hard-working Lady Mice!

Wrapping Packages
Is wrapping packages the best part of Christmas?

Volunteer Mouse
And after the exhaustion of Christmas, it's time to get ready for the rest of the Church Year!

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